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Those attending will listen to a fusion of big band music with electro swing through Malta’s characterful sounds. Each of the swings is attached to an electronic "bell" so if there's one swinger (!

I know this is naughty but it looks like one of the old French guillotines in the foreground. Might have acted as warning to them; helped focus the mind & soften to heart, to remember the people of their countries (i'm sure they all were doing)!!! Copied from Times Of Malta https:// a site-specific project forming part of the Malta International Arts Festival, takes the stage off the ground and creates a performance that allows multiple viewing perspectives.

It marks a collaboration project between Daniel Cauchi and dand Dlab design laboratory, and is performed by the Big Band Brothers.

The owners of recently called a press conference to announce that they have recruited top fashion models from around the world to appear in the live events.

They said that the celebs which they hire for their event are ace performers and they know how to tickle the bones of the members of the community.


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