Advantages of dating older

You have not said how old you are and that makes a huge difference to the advantage/disadvantage equation.

The older and more mature you are, the smaller the inequities in a 13-year age difference become.

Some people may view him as a "cradle robber," while others think I'm a "gold digger." These monikers are the subjects of laughter in our home and trust me, we've been scrutinized, interrogated and battered with questions in public.

Cheers to the girls out there in dating an older man.

He’s More Experienced In every way you can imagine – a plus point of dating an older man is that he’s had the life experience and knows what he’s doing.

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If he became seriously ill in a few years, are you ready to devote potentially years of your prime to being his nursemaid? If he introduces you to his age peers, they will all think he is dating you for the sex rather than for LTR interest.

Dating older men can be an experience unto itself and comes with perks you may have never imagined before.

Of course, there’s something romantic, alluring and even reassuring about dating a man who’s quite a bit older than you.

They know what they want (or should) so there are no head games or texting games to be played.

More success, more sophistication, a great sense of self - the benefits of dating an older man are as blatant as they are numerous. For more of the obvious perks of dating an older man, read on below...


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