Adult spankings

Kyle was very cute, over six feet tall, blonde hair, blued eyed and muscular.I gladly gave up my virginity to Kyle the summer before our junior year and had regular sex with him after.

Tender, Throbbing and Stinging bottom cheeks on display in cornertime.

Sarah Gregory doesn’t hold back as Elle is given a humiliating scolding, spanking and paddling that Elle won’t forget in a hurry!

Originally posted on The Spanking News During my university years I lived in a house shared with four other people. I know to some this may sound like a young guy’s dream come true, but trust me when I tell you this, sometimes it wasn’t. Unfortunately I wound up with a couple that would sometimes put the rest of the house through hell.

On this particular page I will use the work of others if they come up with something, but pretty much this is one area that I specialize in so nearly everything posted on here is going to be an original find by me anyway.

Like I said, the focus is on those rare birthday spanking pics that I like to collect.


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