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The fact that many guys try to learn how to pick up girls from those so-called “Pickup Artists” (PUAs) really amuse me to no end. Well, for one, I know for a fact that these “Pickup Artist” tricks are pretty darn useless.Most of the newbies who come up to us at the Baltimore Lair would tell us these awfully similar sob stories: guide which litters the Internet, then, well, you will be surprised (in a good way, of course.) The information contained in this guide will be brand new to most people.Managing your relationship in such a way that she is left with a constant, gnawing feeling of impending doom will do more for your cause than all the Valentine’s Day cards and expertly performed tongue love in the world.Like it or not, the threat of a looming breakup, whether the facts justify it or not, will spin her into a paranoid estrogen-fueled tizzy, and she’ll spend every waking second thinking about you, thinking about the relationship, thinking about how to fix it.Boys also take longer to learn to read than girls, are less likely to actually read and to value reading and are more likely to label themselves as “non-readers” (up to 50% of high school age boys consider themselves as such).Non-reading boys do poorer academically and end up as non-reading men (women read almost twice as many books as men). Some of it may be biological (boys’ language skills develop slower that girls). Boys may see reading as a passive and thus sissy activity.My experience usually went something like this: I would walk into a bar, or a restaurant - or anywhere I might meet an attractive woman - and then I would see HER.

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Here is dread game as defined by Heartiste: Women respond viscerally in their vagina area to unpredictability, mixed signals, danger, and drama in spite of their best efforts to convince themselves otherwise.

As a boy, one of my favorite times in school was when we’d get a new Scholastic News book “catalog.” I would pour over the pages picking out which books I wanted and filling out the order sheet.

And as soon I got them, I was lying under the covers with my nose buried in a book.

Indeed, many of the techniques in this article have not been seen elsewhere before.

The strategies that I am going to share with you here is derived from the (surprisingly little-known) Shogun Method by Derek Rake. ) of the questions below, then be prepared for a ride for a lifetime… because if you do exactly what I tell you to do now, you will soon be armed with the most extraordinarily potent pickup abilities that you’ll ever need for a lifetime.


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