The following error occured validating

To check the operational validity, you need to attempt to create the stack.

There is no sandbox or test area for AWS Cloud Formation stacks, so you are charged for the resources you create during testing.

Run the following command to verify the trusts are set to True: “Get-Broker Site” Check the line “Trust Requests Sent To The Xml Service Port=TRUE” At this stage, Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) must allow pass through authentication and start.

You can validate templates locally by using the aws cloudformation validate-template --template-body file:///home/local/test/A client error (Validation Error) occurred: Template format error: JSON not well-formed.

The reason is that the v Center Server system and the Platform Services Controller use the new certificate, but the corresponding service registrations with the VMware Lookup Service are not updated.

When solutions connect to v Center Server or Platform Services Controller, they look at the service registration, which includes the service URL and the ssl Trust string.

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