Always looking for ways to innovate and create love connection, the chatbot is programmed to help those looking for a partner create a profile on the dating site (and make love connections) without leaving Facebook’s walls.


As CNET reported from F8, “Marcus said the idea behind all the new features is that Messenger is kind of like a social living room, where you hang out, play games, eat and talk to friends.

Her slender form meets all Western demands of body image, and those lips are so full no doubt we could easily assemble a queue of willing partners just waiting to steal a kiss.

Blinq ranks her as ‘nice’, which perhaps is a bit of a back-handed compliment, but guesses her age at just 48.

Facebook’s API is open-source so anyone can create a chatbot for their platform and Facebook has updated the service to use less text speak and more clickable menus.

In the UK, Match joins other branded Facebook Messenger bots including Pizza Express, Vogue magazine and white pages of messaging apps,” citing 1.2 billion people currently using it monthly.


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