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About ourselves essential come to grips with notion of how great single community with quality service in all aspects of your life, but only in the shadows.

Hemingway's two favorite watering holes in Havana, La Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio, still stand today, both more bustling than ever thanks to the famous writer. Monserrate, Old Havana Hours: 11am to midnite Phone: (53-7) 867 1299 (Reservation).

On a small plaque hanging in La Floridita, hangs Hemingway's signed quote: "My mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio and my daiquiri in the Floridita" La Bodeguita del Medio has the feel of the local crowd - a bar, serving traditional cuban food. Old Havana Hours: noon - midnite Phone: (53 7) 867-1374 - 867-1375 More upscale than La Bodeguita del Medio yet authentically Cuban nonetheless, La Floridita is home to Hemingway's favorite daquiry - proclaiming it the best in the world. Hemingway's bar stool has a velvet rope to keep the crowds at bay.

Since becoming president of the republic six years ago, Raul Castro has enacted sweeping reforms to boost the island nation's floundering economy and bring it into the 21st century by allowing its citizens greater personal freedoms.

Under Raul Castro, Cuba's LGBT community has slowly begun coming out of the shadows, with the president’s own daughter, Castro Espin, emerging as a leading advocate for the rights of gay and transgender people.


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