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You can write them out, record your lines to play them back on your i Pod or turn to an app.Rehearsal 2 is one of several winning successes among actors.You can then pick a track “flavour” or style of meditation and choose from male or female voices.There’s a two-player meditation mode so you can get someone else involved.It's not as cheap as a regular i Pad: since the i Pad 2 arrived in 2011, this has consistently cost £399 for the entry-level model at each release, but at £499 the extra capabilities seem reasonably priced.And the previous flagship, the Air 2, is now just £349, something of a bargain and ideal if you don't need the Pro's extras.

Zooming in is no issue, but should you tap a shortcut and return to the original screen you have to reset the zoom-in facility manually each time. It also needs precise destination input to operate, which again is not always convenient for those in a hurry.So the prospect of a Pro version of the i Pad Air 2 – the 9.7-inch screened i Pad that was noticeably not updated last autumn – was intriguing.I've been using the new tablet for a week and it’s a pretty unqualified success, offering all the extra functionality of the 12.9-inch i Pad Pro but at a lower weight and price point.After all, the first question every actor is asked, the very first question, is “How do you learn your lines?” Actually, the truth is there’s no magic bullet: the only answer is hard work studying the script.The advantage of the sat-nav app is that, with a few taps and swipes, real-time traffic and route information can be freely available to those with a smartphone.


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