Updating iphone takes forever

The 920 would have finished in about 2-3 minutes, but the 825 told me it was going to take more than 1h 35m, and actually took about 25minutes. Why does it take so long, and why does it get the estimate so wrong? Hi lmemelman, I think dhn pointed to the main cause for this in his first reply. You can find further information in this FAQ [My Drive Connect troubleshooting tips].i OS 10 problems and fixes: Our guide explains how to quickly fix some of the most common i OS 10 problems, annoyances, glitches and bugs, including how to maximise storage, overcome the notorious bricking issue, and speed up your download. i OS 10 is here and it’s another strong update from Apple, one which adds some seriously useful new features and refines a number of old favourites.If you suspect an error has occurred, or see no activity from your i Phone after over an hour, cancel the update and try again later.If the error persists, visit your local Apple Store Genius Bar to troubleshoot the issue.However, in some cases, you’ll be stuck with the message and the download will not start.

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Wheni Tunes detects your device in recovery mode,click on restore.

To better handle this huge spike in traffic on their servers, Apple introduced a new feature in earlier versions of i OS.

When you go to the software update page in your i Phone and attempt to download the i OS 10 file, you will get an “Update requested…” message and your download should begin shortly.

After your phone downloads the update files, it displays a message declaring "Preparing Update." As the message suggests, your i Phone is preparing the files necessary to install and configure the new update.

Although you can see the "Preparing Update" message for some time, it doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem.


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