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For a night out, there are few places to rival it in the whole of Europe, if you're after decent beer. The jokey atmosphere in many pubs should help to dispel misconceptions about Germans' lack of humour and general dourness.

The waiters are sometimes entertainment in themselves, with their cheeky comments (I wouldn't try asking for water in Zum Uerige).

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When I first stepped off the train in Hauptbahnof I was in the middle of a particularly memorable long-distance, international pub-crawl. These can be seen in their designer suits and fur coats strolling along the Knigsallee, the poshest shopping street in the whole of Germany.The Comedy: Sick of his boring everyday life, teenager Harold (Bud Cort) befriends an old lady called Maude (Ruth Gordon), whom he quickly falls in love with.The Sex: Harold and Maude share a smooch, and dance in their bath robes Which is Best?The Altstadt is jokingly known as Germany's longest bar and this isn't far short of the truth.There are an enormous number of pubs within its boundaries. The Comedy: A girlie-haired Matt Dillon plays Randy... The latter, which makes up for some cringey romance and beautifully cheesy one-liners. The Comedy: Matthew (Emile Hirsch) has his dreams come true when a former adult star moves into the house next door.


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