Wpf binding not updating textbox

It can be very difficult then to bind a property on those elements…

You would not want the UI to display all of those values because it would just look like a blur.Now, run the application and check if you change the value of the slider (source), it will update the value in textbox. But, if you update the value in text box, then it will not update the slider value. Here we use one more property: Update Source Trigger, which is for instantly (immediately) updating the control value.If you change the value in text box then it will directly affect the slider -- no need to press tab or any other action.WPF already includes some value converters but in most cases you will need to write your own by implementing the override.So you can use it directly without referencing it from the resources. I'm using MVVM and I bind Window View Model as a Data Context to Main Window.I stumbled upon some behavior awhile back that struck me as odd.


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