Asp net listview itemupdating findcontrol

Ok, Now I'm sure this was working the other day and I don't think I've changed anything but now it's not working and I can't see anything wrong with the code.Basically I have a details view with product information in it, when the user clicks edit it goes into edit mode when I change any of the fields and click update it updates but with the old values.

You mention in the top of this article that "Here..." as a hyperlink to get some info.When this property is set to the index of an item in the control, that item is displayed in edit mode.In edit mode, the item is rendered by using the Edit Item Template template instead of the Item Template template.The first thing you have to do to add the data editing capabilities is defining the Edit item and Insert item templates.Instead of row kind of style editing like the How would you get programmatic access to items in the Edit Item Template?Introduction: In this article i will explain how to Edit List View records, how to Update List View records and how to Cancel List View Update operation. Set List View event property On Item Editing="lv Employee_Item Editing".


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